Barnabee’s Quest ~ JustNan


I want to stitch all the Barnabee pieces and have them displayed together. It’s something that means a lot to me – I don’t quite know how I came up with it, but when I saw them, I immediately had this picture in my head of the sampler finished with the JustNan Tassel, and two small shelves with Bella and the Biscornu. It would fit into my home.

Charts and embellishments about 40$, The Silver Needle, Sew And So

Fabric ?

Floss ?

Tassel 19$, The Silver Needle

Pullware Honeycomb Bellpull 45$, Sew And So

Finishing Instruction 19$, The Silver Needle

When Barnabee Met Bella


Charts and embellishments about 16.50$, The Silver Needle

Fabric 11$, The Silver Needle

Floss DMC or SilkĀ  69$ (*faints*) The Silver Needle

JustNan Christmas Workshop


Isn’t this just the coolest thing? I have a very soft spot for things that come in pretty boxes and this is just perfect!

All from The Silver Needle:

Box Kit 65$

Floss 13.50$

Cutter 7.25$

Threader 7.25$

Scissors 18.50$

Butternut Road ~ Celtic Banner


I love Celtic patterns, and this one will be the first one I do.

Chart ca 20$, Sew And So

Floss ca 10$, Sew And So

Fabric ca 30$, Sew And So

Pullware – ?

Celtic Ladies

I will start doing Spring soon.

Celtic Summer Celtic Autumn Celtic Winter Celtic Christmas

Celtic Summer, Autumn, Winter, Christmas

Charts ca 190 SEK, hemflit

Fabric Polstitches

Celtic Spiral Bell Pull


By Keridwen Crafts

Kit 34$




Chart 14$

Blackstone Fantasy Garden



Chart 16$

Floss 15$

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