A few things.

Thing the first – I’m at a lecture course in Malmö and it turns put that playing Farm Frenzy during booooring lectures drains my ihone something awful. Möh.

Thing the second – I myself don’t have any experience with addiction. I have little effect of alcohol, which is a risk factor, but it just makes me wonder why in the world I should keep drinking if I feel more like coke. I am howerver starting to have a problem with painkillers. At the start I only took them against migraines (meaning max once a month). Then I started taking them for normal headaches. Then I don’t really know what happened, but I sometimes tool them if it felt like I was getting a headache.

I kinda outsneak myself by taking them in the middle of thongs, so that at the end of the day, I don’t even remember if I had two or four.

I’ve been making up excuses since I never even take the daily max dosage, and I’m not influenced in any weird way by them – but every time I go away for a week or so,I get a bit panicky, counting in my head how many pills I have left to take with me. Which is SO not a good thing.

So now I decided to wake up a d smell the coffee. Made a schedule so I will take the s regularly instead of sneaking them by me. I will reduce with one a week, so after four weeks, they’ll be gone. I will just have to find something else that feels nice – doesn’t feel very likely at the moment, but then I have to live with the not-niceness.

It all seems very real, to take them like this. Would rather just stop, but I’m already in this circle where I get a headache from the meds and then have to take them for the headache – so I’d rather be careful and taper out.

Thing the Third – you know how you sometes meet the nicest people you just click with? I met this awesome nurse in the cafeteria at lunch right now. We had such a great conversation. Good luck with your hand, I hope we can meet again :)

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