What have I been doing today, you ask? (Or not, but it’s too late now!)

  • I updated my Wishlist. Now when you click on the tab up there that says Wishlist, it will take you to my personal save-up-list. Of course, every time I think I’m finished I think of five other thing to put on it, so right now there are only the absolute essentials.
  • The pictures in the WiP section of the sidebar are now linked to their respective pages – so when you click e.g. on the Dragon pic, it will take you to the Dragon Luck WiP page.
  • Trolly didn’t put the contents of his newest box on his blog. NOOOOOOOOOO! *giggle*
  • I have coffee, and tonight there’ll be Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves on the tv. That’s doubtlessly a ploy along the lines of “Harrharr, we’ll just be showing crappy old movies so everyone will watch the hockey!” Not working, guys. Especially if you’re giving me Alan Rickman, who will be talking, which is better than coffee. And chocolate. And a lot of other things. A LOT. Rawr.
  • I’m half done with the Quaker Sampler. It’s such fun to work with overdyed threads. Click the thumbnail to get to the WiP page with more pictures.

  • I made a Finish a month or so ago that I forgot to announce. It’s an adorable PINN pattern. I just found a companion piece called Mermaid Heaven, and I think I will remake them both on Polstitches fabric. Click the pic to go to the page.

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